Sleep for people sorted – now onto dog beds!


You might have guessed by now, but the PillowAdvisor team are seriously obsessed with sleep.   Not content with two sites getting people’s sleep solutions sorted – Duvet Advisor and Pillow Advisor – now we’ve decided to spread our expertise to man’s best friend.   Dogs.   And our job is to make sure they have something (nearly) as comfortable as we do to rest their heads on.

Our knowledge about pillow and duvet fillings, construction, brands and retailers has been invaluable in assessing what makes a good dog bed. We’ve also got five members of our little Advisor team who are just crazy about their hounds.  Plus thanks to a fantastic network of dog-owners, dog walkers, dog whisperers and breeders, we hope to have provide the best dog bed reviews and advice in the UK.

Dogbed Advisor launched just before Christmas and contains information, tips and advice about which dog bed is best for your dog.  And with needs as diverse as pampered pooches to mud-covered post-walk labradors, finding the right bed for the right dog can be a bit of a quest.

So if you need a bit of help deciding what bed to buy for your dog or puppy, should be able to give you a hand.