Soak & Sleep Ultimate 90% Hungarian Goose Down pillow review

Soak and Sleep Hungarian Goose Down Pillow review


Sold by: Soak & Sleep

Price: £60


Softness: 5/5

Bounce: 5/5

Support: 3/5

Coolness: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Reviewer: Ross

A beautiful and luxurious Down pillow and cheaper than most – a new entry into our top 10

I don’t know what it is about Hungarian geese, but their down is certainly highly prized as a pillow filling.

Maybe Hungary has a lot of geese, maybe it is just really cold and they need a lot of down to keep warm, who knows? Regardless, this is a fabulous down pillow which overcomes some of my own personal issues with down pillows by having a central core of feathers. This crucially gives the pillow more substance, a bit more weight, and overall makes it a more satisfying pillow on which to rest your head at night.  I couldn’t feel the feather core at all, and overall, one of the most satisfying down pillows for a great night’s sleep. Not quite enough support if you only sleep on your side but you could always put a slim pillow underneath and use this as a lovely soft top pillow if you like a bit more height.

Soak and Sleep show us again that they know their pillows and understand the ethical concerns some may have about down – the down they use is fully traceable and ethically produced.  Their video gives you more information about how the pillow is made.

Ultimately, at £60 for a 90% down pillow with thoughtful supportive construction for back sleepers and side sleepers, this is in my opinion worth the expense. A new favourite.

Superb value for a good all-round pillow  –  luxury at a very decent price 

  • Pillow Filling: 90% White Hungarian Goose Down & 10% White Hungarian Goose Feather
  • Fill Power: 650 in³/oz
  • Fill Weight (g): 780
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton Jacquard
  • External Baffle Wall: Yes
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 50 x 75



Pillow available here Available here