M&S Supremely Washable Pillow Protector review

M&S supremely washable pillow protector


Sold by: Marks and Spencer

Price: £6


Softness: 4/5

Bounce: /5

Support: /5

Coolness: 2/5

Value: 4/5

Reviewer: Susie

Reasonably priced and stylish fabric but you’ll need a big plump pillow to fill this bag-like protector.

I was keen to try a Marks and Spencer pillow protector and this one sounded like a good option.

The packaging says it’s ‘ultra washable’ and super fast-drying if you don’t have a tumble dryer but also fine to put in the dryer. And that’s great for my big household – who create an unbelievable amount of washing.

First appearances are good. It’s full, soft and padded with a layer of microfibre filling. It’s nice to touch and feels like it will last. The smart, stripey, silky-looking design within the fabric makes it look a little more exclusive.

BUT, and here comes the but, on my down, or on my memory foam pillow, it’s big, bag-like and just a little bit saggy. This open-envelope, pillow-case style protector swamped my pillow. Give me a nice, snug-fitting protector any day over this one. With no zip, it’s tricky to get the pillowcase over the top of the protector as well, and I ended up not bothering.

My night’s sleep? My pillow felt lost in the protector, and the slippery inner 100% polyester material meant a constant sliding feeling all night.

Sorry, M&S, few votes from me this time. It looks good and it washes well but I’m struggling to give it a 3*.

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