Mediflow Waterbase Pillow review

Mediflow waterbase fibre pillow


Sold by: Amazon

Price: £34.95


Softness: 3/5

Bounce: 2/5

Support: 5/5

Coolness: 4/5

Value: 3/5

Reviewer: Barney

Designed to help relieve neck pain by providing customisable support. It’s got water in it! Different, but good!

Definitely a specialist orthopaedic pillow, it’s designed to provide customisable neck support in order to relieve neck pain and help with chronic pain related problems such as those associated with cervical spondylosis.  It’s made with a clever series of layers, each with a specific purpose:

1. Water filled layer which provides the support. You can put has much or as little water in as you like so that you can adjust the neck support to exactly as you like it.
2. A thermal insulator to keep the water making you feel cold
3. A fairly dense microfibre polyester fill to provide the soft comfort factor

After a bit of faffing to get the amount of water just right, this turned out to be a surprisingly comfortable pillow, mostly because it can provide just the right level of firmness to carefully support the neck. It also feels like it is gently cradling your head, as the water moves aside when you put your head down which raises the pillow slightly up either side of your head.

I’m glad to say that I don’t personally suffer from neck pain so cannot speak from that point of view, but I can certainly see how this pillow might help where support is important. Even without pain this is a very comfortable pillow if you’re willing to testing different amounts of water, but it might not be for all.

Oh – and it’s available in a range of sizes: ‘Travel’, Regular and King.

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