John Lewis The Basics Junior Pillow review

John Lewis The Basics Junior Pillow review


Sold by: John Lewis

Price when reviewed: £6


Softness: 4/5

Bounce: 5/5

Support: 4/5

Coolness: 3/5

Value: 5/5

Reviewer: Louise

A John Lewis pillow for £6? You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything cheaper.

Note:  February 2019 – no longer available.   

Try the  John Lewis Micro-Fresh Anti Allergy Pillow  – a bit pricier but a  much better buy anyway (if it’s in stock)  – read our review here.


The Basics Junior Pillow has a 100% microfibre polyester cover and a 100% hollowfibre filling.  It’s not the perfect children’s pillow for quality as there’s little bother with the stitching and finish.  But TBH, I was impressed at what I got for just six quid, especially from John Lewis.   At this price it’s tempting to buy a couple in case of the dreaded night-time accidents or poorly tummies. This is a great value pillow and most kids I know aren’t fussed about needlework.

It’s nicer with a pillow protector.  John Lewis do an anti-allergy pillow protector here, which fits the Junior pillow, or a nice organic cotton pillowcase, here, in a few different colours which helps keep kids cooler at night.

But final thoughts on this one? Pillow sorted for the same price as a kids’ meal out.    Job done 🙂 

  • Size = L57 x W35cm
  • Machine washable at 40°C



Pillow available here Buy it here