John Lewis Breathe Standard Pillow review

John Lewis Breathe Standard Pillow review


Sold by: John Lewis

Price: £40


Softness: 5/5

Bounce: 5/5

Support: 4/5

Coolness: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Reviewer: Ross

Basic pillow with great John Lewis quality – a favourite microfibre pillow

The John Lewis Breathe standard pillow is a microfibre –filled pillow and is typical of the John Lewis range – reassuringly expensive and of excellent quality.  Among all the John Lewis pillows I have tested, this would be my favourite, taking comfort, support, price and durability into consideration.  Personally, I enjoy a slightly heavier pillow, and this has a good weight behind it.  It recovers its shape quickly when turning it over at night, and has a good density – soft yet still filled enough to give good support and comfort.

This pillow features a ‘modal blend’ cover and filling which is supposed to wick moisture away, hence keeping you cool and airy. Well, it certainly feels more refreshing and is much nicer than my standard microfibre pillows during hot summer nights, does anyone have a duvet made of this stuff?

We liked the soft / medium pillow, but it’s also available in medium / firm if you like a bit more support.

This should be a mainstay of your pillow cupboard. One of the best, 5 stars!

  • Standard size: W48cm x L74cm
  • Filling: Synthetic Material 80% siliconised microfbre, 20% modal
  • Washing instructions: Machine washable at 60°C
Pillow available here Available here