Soak and Sleep Memory Foam Travel Pillow review

Soak & Sleep Memory Foam Travel Pillow


Sold by:

Price when reviewed: £8.50


Softness: 4/5

Bounce: 2/5

Support: 5/5

Coolness: 3/5

Value: 5/5

Reviewer: Ross

Simply superb travel pillow at an absolutely excellent price. Forget everything you ever thought you knew about the nasty inflatable travel pillows, and try this little gem! You will never dread a long flight or train journey again.

Sorry – not currently available (August, 2018).  In the meantime, try the J-Pillow if you’re looking for neck support in a travel pillow – review here

The Memory Foam Neck Pillow from one of my favourite pillow retailers, Soak & Sleep (used to be called the Duvet and Pillow Warehouse), is a new approach to the challenge of keeping a comfortable neck when dozing on a plane, train or automobile.

I have tried a few neck pillows before and have never really found them to be very comfortable.  They have always been the inflatable type though, and what you gain in convenience, I suppose you lose in comfort.  What is the point of something htat is convenient if it simply isnt very comfortable?

So, back to the travel pillow from S&S.  It is certainly pleasant to hold, with a nice weight, and good density of memory foam. And what a difference in comfort levels to its less evolved inflatable cousins. I tried this out on a long Christmas journey along the M4 to visit relatives, and found it to be tremendously comfortable.  I guess I have an average neck size and it really made a difference!

The cover is removable and washable by the way, in case of accidents!

Now for the best part – the price! You would not believe that this costs only £7.50. So dont just buy one, buy many. Save them, give them as gifts, save them for a rainy day, offer them up as tombola prizes for the scout fete – whatever! Just try it and you will be amazed!

Pillow available here Buy it here