Synthetic pillows

Often refered to as hollowfibre, microfibre or polyester pillows, these are the most popular pillows in the UK. They are usually simply constructed with a cotton slip (the outside of a pillow) with a man-made fibre filling. Variants of synthetic pillows include spiral fibre, microfibre and hollowfibre pillows.

  • Pros: Relatively cheap, lightweight, good for those with allergies, easy to care for, easy to bend and scrunch to get required height, not noisy
  • Cons: Have the shortest life-span (6 months to 2 years), flatten quite quickly, the filling can clump and get out of shape

Pillow advisor summary: Synthetic pillows are the workhorse of the pillow world and are the most versatile; being a pretty good choice for most people and suited to many sleeping styles. Do yourself a favour though and get yourself a decent one.

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