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Best Student Bedding Buys

My inspiration for this article came from a friend who mentioned that she had just ordered a 5 in thick mattress topper from Amazon prime to send directly to her son at his new school because he was complaining about an uncomfy bed ! If you have children at Uni or boarding school, it can be […]

October sales Pillow Advisor
Mid Season Sales are now on!

Time to grab a bedding bargain!  Many online retailers are in the midst of a mid season sale, so its a great time to get a pillow deal.  Here are some of the best we have found.    

hot weather keep cool in bed
Hot in bed? The 5 best summer duvets tested.

EXPERTS IN NOT ONLY PILLOWS, WE’VE TESTED THE BEST DUVETS TO KEEP YOU COOL DURING THE HOT WEATHER. From 3 tog duvets (about as low as you can go without it actually being a sheet), to a space-age technology heat-regulating duvet, natural temperature-adjusting wool duvets, supersoft washable light synthetic duvets and all seasons duvets, there’s […]

allergy and hayfever pillow advice
Pillows and Allergies – sleep in hayfever season

It’s peak allergy time in our house at the moment.  With grass pollen at its height, itchy eyes, runny noses etc often feel worse at bedtime. There are a few simple things we’d recommend to make it snooze-time and not sneeze-time. To reduce your allergy symptoms at night and give you a more comfortable night’s […]

Cool pillows for warmer nights in spring
Cooler pillows for warmer nights

COOLER PILLOWS FOR WARMER NIGHTS The fabulous warm sunshine this Easter weekend has made our little team at Pillow Advisor think about summer bedding. Glorious as the weather is, if you’re suddenly feeling hot in bed I’ve put our advice here on the best pillow to help you get a cooler and more comfortable night’s […]

Daylight Savings Time Clock Advice
Coping with an hour’s less sleep – clocks go forward this weekend

SPRING SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND HOW TO COPE None of us want to get less sleep, but this weekend on Sunday 31st March, we’re all going to be a little more sleep deprived.  If you’re a mum and your thoughtful kids give you a lie in – it’s Mother’s Day too – it’s probably not so bad.  […]

Winter bedding for kids
Winter Bedding for Kids

It’s been pretty chilly lately and as we struggle to keep the house warm, many of us are looking for cosy, new winter bedding.  There are so many different options with pillows and duvets made of various different materials. So how do we chose the best winter bedding for our children? It’s so important for […]

Sleep for people sorted – now onto dog beds!

You might have guessed by now, but the PillowAdvisor team are seriously obsessed with sleep.   Not content with two sites getting people’s sleep solutions sorted – Duvet Advisor and Pillow Advisor – now we’ve decided to spread our expertise to man’s best friend.   Dogs.   And our job is to make sure they have something (nearly) […]

Christmas New Year Sales
Boxing Day / New Year Sales – The best pillows reduced to half price

Boxing Day Sales have arrived and stores are offering some of the duvets we’ve reviewed at significantly reduced prices. The three best sales on duvets and bedding we’ve spotted are:   John Lewis Sale – half price on some duvets and pillows.  Unlike some other retailers, John Lewis does not do sales very often.  But the […]

Keep Calm It's only Christmas
IT’S CHRISTMAS !!!!!! Christmas Sleep Time Gift Ideas

NEED SOME HELP WITH CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THIS YEAR?   We share our best Christmas sleep time gift ideas. What do you buy your child’s teacher or Mum? Something for the man who has everything?  Presents to pamper your pooch? We have searched the stores and come up with a few of the best Christmas sleep time […]

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