Best Student Bedding Buys


My inspiration for this article came from a friend who mentioned that she had just ordered a 5 in thick mattress topper from Amazon prime to send directly to her son at his new school because he was complaining about an uncomfy bed ! If you have children at Uni or boarding school, it can be a worry that they are not getting enough sleep and although there is only so much you can do to help them, buying some decent bedding is useful.  We have done our research and list our top buys for comfy, good value, washable bedding for students.

The White Company -cotton-quilted-protectorsAre they sleeping on a previously used mattress? We recommend investing in a washable mattress protector. The Pure-Cotton Quilted Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector and pillow protector from The White Company are great options
Supremely-washable-floral-pillowcase-and-duvet One of the best selections of coverless duvets can be found at Marks and Spencers - washable and in various colours and patterns, they pack up like a sleeping bag and can easily be carried home on the train at the end of each term!
M&S bounceback synthetic duvetThe bounceback range from Marks and Spencers offer great value microfibre pillows and duvets that are machine washable.
Fine-Bedding-Company-coverless-duvetThe Fine Bedding Company Night Owl Coverless Duvet comes in 3 different colours and as well as being soft, cosy and warm, it can also be washed and dried in a few hours. No need to spend on extra covers either,
John-Lewis-Soft-Touch-washableThe Soft Touch washable range from John Lewis is great value and the products come with a 2 year guarantee. You can buy a pillow, duvet and mattress topper - perfect for young people.