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findyourperfectpillowHaving wasted our own money and precious sleep on disappointing pillows in the past, we’d had enough: there must be a better pillow, it’s important!

We set out to learn all about what makes a good pillow and tested every pillow we could afford. Publishing our findings, we were amazed by the interest; so many people wanted to know more and even friends asked for our advice.

Whilst the perfect pillow was still out there, the hunt would go on and so Pillow Advisor was born.

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REM Fit hybrid-pillow

If you are looking for bounce, this is the pillow for you! Robust and springy. Good for a side sleeper.


Casper-pillow review

A good quality, well designed fibre pillow.


REM Fit snow-pillow

Not our all time best memory foam pillow but 5 stars if you are looking for a cool pillow.



We’ve compiled the results of hundreds of pillow reviews to find the best types. And the winner is…

Updated: December 2018