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Glorious spring time! Cooler pillows for warmer nights.

Unbelievably, we finally have warm sunshine and the Beast from the East has gone (for good I hope).     Glorious as the weather is, if you’re suddenly feeling hot in bed  I’ve put our advice here on the best pillow to help you get a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.  There’s advice on duvets […]

How to wash your pillows – Wikihow tells you how!

HOW TO WASH YOUR PILLOWS Replace or wash? Just keep your bed hygienic. This article shows you a step by step guide with pictures to washing all types of pillows including new memory foam ones.    They also add the following tips: Tips Check your pillow to see if you need to replace it […]

nicole's dreamgenii pillow
Nadines Coyle’s perfect pillow

The latest celebrity must-have items: Shoes, Handbags and Pillows??

The highest rated pillows in the UK

We’ve compiled the results of hundreds of pillow reviews to find the best types. And the winner is…