Snuggledown Perfect Sleep Pillow review



Sold by: Argos

Price: £22


Softness: 3/5

Bounce: 3/5

Support: 3/5

Coolness: 3/5

Value: 5/5

Reviewer: Ross

Not perfect but not that bad and at £22 for two what’s not to like? A decent everyday pillow.

Snuggledown do a nice range of pillows, and on you can find a good selection.  Their “Perfect Sleep Pillow” comes as a pair for around £20, and to me seems good value.  Who wouldn’t be happy to spend a tenner on what is a pretty reasonable pillow?

However, I am not entirely convinced of their definition of perfection…quality is ok, and the filling is fairly standard microfibre as far as I can tell.  They have a good weight though, are bouncy enough and offer medium support for a very good price.  Not sure how long they’ll stay this good but definitely a strong contender for a ‘best’ value pillow.

So, overall a reasonable pillow though unremarkable pillow for what I think is a genuinely remarkable price.

Pillow available here Available here