Memory Foam Warehouse Guru Pillow review



Sold by: Memory Foam Warehouse

Price: £64.99


Softness: 4/5

Bounce: 4/5

Support: 5/5

Coolness: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Reviewer: Charlotte

A Supportive, British made, King-size pillow

The Guru pillow from Memory Foam Warehouse is a neatly designed, supportive memory foam pillow.   The slick, modern look of this pillow means it would look great on any bed, even without a pillowcase. It is hypoallergenic so a good option for allergy sufferers especially as the cover is also machine washable. The cover is really soft to touch and the fabric offers good breathability.  I must admit I did have to double take when I saw this pillow, as the nicely made soft, white cover with a neat grey piping around the middle looks very similar to the Simba Memory foam pillow.

When you look beyond the appearance, there are a few differences though.   The Guru pillow is a larger than standard size pillow, so it is great for those with King size, European and Super king sized beds.  I feel it also offers a firmer support too, with less give, bouncing back as soon as I lifted my head from the pillow. Memory Foam Warehouse pillows are made in the UK by a Yorkshire based firm with a good reputation for customer service.  

With a sale price of £64.99, this pillow is of good quality but it is at the top end of the price bracket for the modern memory foam pillows.  

In summary, It is a well made,  big, heavy pillow that I would recommend for those looking for a supportive  large pillow.


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