Homescapes Super Microfibre Bounce Back Pillow review

Homescapes Super Microfibre Bounce Back pillow


Sold by: Amazon

Price: £24.85


Softness: 4/5

Bounce: 3/5

Support: 1/5

Coolness: 4/5

Value: 4/5

Reviewer: Barney

Very comfortable to start but short lived I’m afraid. A bit on the soft side so use with a firmer pillow if you like support

So a reader asked us why we hadn’t included one of the most popular pillows to be found on Amazon – that sounds like a challenge! The ‘Homescapes – Super Microfibre Bounce Back Pillows – PAIR – 5 Star Hotel Quality – The Best Synthetic Pillow Available from Homescapes – NOT HOLLOW FIBRE – EXCELLENT for Allergy Sufferers. Goose Down Like – Soft to Medium Support’, to give them their full title sell as a pair for around £20 for standard size, this seems pretty reasonable and won’t break the bank if they don’t work out.

These pillows use Microfibre rather than Hollowfibre, it is said that Microfibre is more springy and retains its spring over a longer period. To be honest, I’ve never noticed the difference really. That being said, out of the pack, this pillow is wonderfully soft and enveloping and does quickly spring back into shape after compression. I normally like a bit more support for reading in bed and when I sleep on my side, so I’ve tried this pillow in conjunction with a firmer memoryfoam / goose down combo pillow I’m currently reviewing. These pillows do make a good pair with the Homescapes pillow providing a wonderfully soft layer which can be used by itself for back sleeping.

I’m afraid to say thought that things didn’t stay so rosy for long. After around 4 weeks, the Homescapes pillow has lost a significant amount of its bounce, something which we often see in cheaper synthetic pillows, it’s also started to clump a little, perhaps it’s the summer heat? Needless to say it’s been sent to that great pillow resting place in the sky, it was nice whilst it lasted.

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