About micro bead pillows

Traditionally used in beanbags, microbeads are often used as the filling for travel pillows, the ‘U’ shaped pillows which you would wear around your neck whilst on a plane or train. Relatively uncommon to see as a sleeping pillow but currently trending, Micro bead pillows are filled with thousands of tiny polystyrene beads. The outer casing is usually made of a soft man-made and elastic material such as lycra or spandex.

The characteristics of a microbead pillow are that they are exceptionally soft and pliable and have a very different feel to most other pillow types.

Microbead sleeping pillows are often cylinder shaped and are designed to be shaped and molded to the users’ requirements. Popular microbead pillow brands include Cushtie.

  • Pros: Often used as an effective pain relief pillow for neck and shoulder pain, offers good support, very moldable and conforming, relatively inexpensive and durable, light and airy.
  • Cons: Can be noisy when you shift your position, can initially have a chemical smell, somtimes too firm, cylinder shape can feel unusual for some and won’t fit your pillow cases.

Pillow advisor summary: Exceptionally soft and comfortable and worth a go espeically if you are seeking neck and shoulder pain relief, but again, not for everyone and unlikely to become the norm.

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