Happy World Sleep Day – 16th March 2018

Baby sleeping on hand pillow


With more than 70 countries around the world participating in ‘sleep activities’, the hosts, The World Sleep Society, aim to raise awareness and help solve common sleep problems.

Well – this is obviously a very exciting day for us sleep fanatics at Pillow Advisor  and Duvet Advisor.   So exciting, I had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep this morning after the cat and the toddler woke me up at some insanely early hour – had they not heard about World Sleep Day?  Can I talk to them about having a ‘World Lie-in Day’ tomorrow morning?  I joke, but it’s a serious issue and if you’re troubled by sleep problems you’ll know about it.

Use today as an excuse for a siesta.

If we’re lucky, we spend on average 229,961 hours of our lives asleep.    And if you don’t think you’ll reach that total –  use today as an excuse for a siesta.  Tell the boss (or the kids) you’re contributing to a crucial worldwide movement to get your Zzzzs in.

So instead of sleeping, I’m writing – with strong coffee in hand – and asking you to send any crazy sleep pictures in to us at  info@pillowadvisor.co.uk.    Unusual pillows are even better.  Babies and cats show us all how it’s done  – just lie down and dream…

Cute cat crazy sleeping position with tummy as pillow

A tummy pillow is a great idea!

Taking a nap on an unusual pillow

Taking a nap on an unusual pillow