Just choose one of our selected vendors below each time before you shop and you’ll automatically generate money for Claygate Primary School. It won’t cost you a thing and all proceeds go to the school.

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How "My Click Helps" works

Claygate Primary School PA have signed up with all the retailers listed so that they will donate a small percentage of any sales from anyone who comes to their website from clicking on their link on this page. The percentage they share varies between 2% and 5% depending on the individual retailer and all proceeds go to the PA.

How you can help

Each time you think of buying something online, come to this page and click on the link to the retailer here first. This means that Claygate Primary School PA will receive a percentage of anything you buy at no cost to you.

When you click on the link to the retailer on this page, you will get through to their website. From here, you can shop as normal, and you will pay no more than you would do normally.

Even better, set this page as your homepage, so you never forget! Tell the rest of your family about it, the more that this page is used, the more funds the school receives.

At the end of each month, Claygate Primary School PA will receive a statement from each retailer, setting out how many people clicked through from this page, how much was purchased in total, and how much is now donated to the School PA.

Your privacy

Any purchases are recorded and reported at a total level only - it is not possible for us to know who is actually purchasing, or what anyone has bought, so your Christmas present purchases remain totally secret!

Each month, we will update this page so you can see just how much has been raised for Claygate Primary School PA so far. We will also be sending regular updates through the usual PA channels.